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Arizona Music Ministry

Arizona attracts a large number of "snowbirds" from the central and western parts of the United States and Canada.  The seasonal population affords us a great opportunity to share our music ministry.


Why, Arizona

Why, Arizona is located in the southern portion of Arizona between Ajo and Organ Pipe National Monument on Arizona highway 85.  We discovered this community one year on the way to Organ Pipe National Monument.  Many people winter at Coyote Howls Campground or on the BLM land nearby.  We love the people in this community so much.  Each winter we stay a little longer! 


Why Community Center Concert
We have provided hour long concerts at the Why Community Center for over 100 people. 
On Sundays we have provided Fellowship Services for the community. 


Quartzsite, Arizona

We continue to share our gospel music in Quartzsite at local churches, acoustic jams and the local festival.

Marilyn and Gary Playing at Rice Ranch Bluegrass Festival
Quartzsite, Arizona


Buckskin Mountain & River Island State Parks

Parker, Arizona

While camping at Buckskin Mountain & River Island State Parks we provided concerts for the campers. 
On Sundays we also provided worship services. 

In the town at Christ's Church on the River we have played for their Celebrate Recovery program.

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