The Good Deeds 

The Good Deeds Matthew 5:16

The Good Deeds Matthew 5:16
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A Beautiful Life - Public Domain
   An old-time hymn that struck a chord with us.  "Meet the Good Deeds", that's us!

Good Deeds are Contagious
     Yes, doing a good deed can infect others.

Be My Lamp, Lord
     God continues to be our lamp as we share our music with you.

I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand - Cobert and Joyce Croft
     This song has special meaning for Gary.  Listen to the words.  We can't walk alone.

Can You Believe?
     God really does love you!

The Leavin' Train - Robin and Linda Williams
     When the mines shut down, what then?  A little girl's faith carries her through difficult times.

The Leaves Mustn't Fall - Jack Kenney and Dorothy Sebastian
   What a sweet testimony of faith and love for a little sister.
Early - Greg Brown
   Eary, Iowa.  Yes, this town really is just like the song.

Jesus on the Mainline - Traditional
   Everyone enjoys this up-tempo old-time song.

Vision of Mother - Carter Stanley
     This song is one of our favorites.

In the Pines - Clayton McMichen and Jimmie Davis
   This is one of your favorites!

Crackin' Peanuts & Drinkin' Box Wine
   Our music changes this lost soul's heart.

   Someday we will be reunited with our loved ones.

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