The Good Deeds

More Songs from Marilyn's Heart

More Songs from Marilyn's Heart
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Alone With God
        We all need a special place and time for renewal and meditation.

Birkenstock Cowboy
        A commentary on the dividing-up of large ranches to accommodate the 
        population movement to rural areas in our state.

Bluegrass Friends
        Bluegrass friends are the best people in the world!

Faith, Hope & Charity
          Three words that are linked together to help guide our lives.

Grandma's Garden
        Grandma keeps the weeds out of her garden as a reminder to us to keep the weeds 
        out of our lives.

Guitars in Heaven
          How attached we become to our instruments!  We just "don't want to let go". 
          Will they want guitars in heaven?

It Won't Be Long
         A song for any and all who have lost loved ones.

Love Him
          Love conquers all.

River of Living Water
        Our Lord offers us the special water that never ceases, His Living Water.

Take Time to Taste Heaven
          Scripture tells us "Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,...
          let your mind dwell on these things."  Phil 4:8

What Can I Do?
        A powerful song expressing the emotion of the desperate.

When the Mist Lies on the Pond
        An imaginary "Nessy" impacts the folks of this little village.

You've Got to Give
        A reminder to me how blessed it is to give of myself .

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