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Newfoundland Music Ministry

An island province of eastern Canada where we found many Salvation Army churches.

Making Music with the Salvation Army Church
The highlight of our Newfoundland trip was making our acquaintance with the Salvation Army churches.  Fellowshipping and sharing our music and making some wonderful new friends brought joy to our hearts.  Thanks to the generosity and hospitality of these people we had several opportunities to share our ministry.


Marilyn with Emily and Enos Thomas
St. John's, Newfoundland


Marilyn and Gary with Capt.'s Osborne and Roxanne Randell
Glenwood, Newfoundland

One church led to another as we met more Salvation Army church officers.  Our stay in Glenwood culminated with a large community outdoor gospel meeting.  We had a grand time sharing our music.


A typical Salvation Army Church

We were surprised at the number of Salvation Army churches on Newfoundland.  It seems to be the most popular church. 

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